Fully Recyclable, PET Flakes Exporter in Dhaka, Bangladesh

PET is completely recyclable and is the most recycled plastic worldwide. PET can easily be identified by the #1 in the triangular "chasing arrows" code, which is usually found molded into the bottom or side of the container.

Bright PET Washing Line Industries has been a leader in PET Bottle Flakes Recycling and exporting enterprise in Bangladesh. Our outstanding quality and timely delivery are the backbones of our enterprise.

We Offer Top Quality PET Flakes for Your Needs

Our PET Bottle Flakes are well-classified, shredded, hot /cold washed, and offered for sale to manufacturing companies directly. Our exclusive PET flakes are accessible in 3 colors - Clear, Brown and Green.

*All colors are exclusively available both Hot and Cold Washed

Clear Pet Flakes

Clear PET Flakes:

PET is a good electrical insulator used to produce a range of products starting from polyester sheets to turning them back into PET bottles.


  • High Mechanical Strength
  • High Ductility
  • Excellent Soiling Resistance
  • High Resistance to High-energy Radiation
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Brown Pet Flakes

Brown PET Flakes:

PET is a semi-crystalline plastic featuring high strength that is applicable for a wide range of applications including polyester sheets and fibers in clothes.


  • Good Electrical Insulation Properties
  • Very Good Dimensional Stability
  • Good Glue Ability and Weldability
  • Good Ductility
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Green PET Flakes

Green PET Flakes

PET is also safe to be used for food containers as it is physiologically inert, thus causes no harm when in contact with food.


  • Rigidity and Hardness
  • Very Good Dimensional Stability
  • Resistance to Diluted Acids
  • Physiological Inertness
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