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Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Flakes

What is PET Flakes Bangladesh?

PET Flakes Bangladesh is a PET flakes and foundry products provider in Bangladesh with experience of 15+ years in the business. We are a team of professionals doing what we do best - producing and distributing quality PET flakes in Bangladesh and beyond.

What is PET?

PET or Polyethylene terephthalate is a semi-crystalline plastic used in the manufacture of bottles and other plastic materials. Used plastic is brought back to our firm and broken down to their chemical components to be made into plastic again.

Is PET Recyclable?

Polyethylene terephthalate is graded #1 in the SPI code, it is a fully recyclable plastic and poses no harm to the environment as it remains in the landfills. Due to its recyclability, it is most commonly reused for various purposes.

Can PET be used for food containers?

PET is physically inert and does not react when it comes in contact with food. Insects or other creatures cannot eat through as It is not bio-degradable. PET is also odorless so it does not mix up food smell.

How can I obtain PET from BFL Industry?

Simply get in touch with us by the contact details we provided and one of our friendly faculty members should be there to assist you with the process. However, you could come over to our faculty, talk to us over a cup of tea, meanwhile witnessing the process of our quality.

How do I install a hand pump?

You need to hire technicians to assist you throughout the complete installation of the hand pump so that you have to worry less and focus more on the use.

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