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Quality Hand Pumps in Bangladesh

Quality Hand Pumps

BFL Industry is the top leading company that relates to manufacturing and rendering quality hand pumps. Our hand pumps assist to make sure you have any time access to water in any normal or emergency situation.

BFL hand pumps work manually, so it is able to provide hydro facilities when all other sources have the inability. All of our hand pumps have an excellent feature and profitability as well that it is released after a complete test of handle pressure and calibration system.

BFL Industry prides itself on quality, efficiency and cost-effective value. Our hand pumps highly able to deliver you pure drinking water that you expect. In addition, we have had a specialized and professional hand pumps technician team that assists perfectly in installing your pumps.

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Why You Should Prioritize to Pick Our Hand Pumps

  • Low Force Much Water

    To consider your comfortability and adaptability, we include an excellent handle that helps to get much water with low force. Our well-trained technician installs your hand pumps according to your needs.

  • High-Quality Cast Iron

    We use high-quality cast iron to manufacture handles and pumps. Furthermore, to formulate pipe that uses in installing hand pumps, we confirm sturdy and durable plastic. We provide all at affordable prices.

  • Durable Installation Equipment

    We assure all the durable equipment to install hand pumps. On the other hand, our hand pumps make a lower noise and acceptable sound that is very low from others.

  • Compatible to Offer Pure Water

    Our deep well quality hand pumps support you to get pure water all the situation. It has an outstanding capability to offer pure drinking water running with a single lower press.

  • Independent Water Facilities

    As our hand pumps do not require electricity or any pneumatic power source, so it can provide water independently in any situation. Don’t worry about water, our hand pumps subtract your water problem.

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