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About BFL - Leading PET Flakes and Industrial Pump Provider in Bangladesh

Bright PET Washing Line Ltd. Has been in the industry for a long time now. We climbed the route to success moreover, we have mastered them and it was only possible by being consistent in our quality and services to satisfy our honorable clients.

As a result of this we have achieved the confidence of standing out from our competitors and are steadily growing in this industry with a mentionable amount of production per month. We have accomplished great success on the foundation of quality, timely delivery, cost-effective prices, and customers’ satisfaction.

In producing recycled PET Flakes, Bright PET Washing Line Industries utilizes its remarkable machine technology and a team of professionals to sort and separate the plastic raw materials by color and plastic-type to avoid contamination in the manufacturing process.

BFL uses its finest technology and marksmanship to bring you our durable centrifugal pumps, hand pumps, and tube wells tailored to fit your needs.

Effect of Plastic on Environment and Our Role

Today plastic bottles disposed of by consumers create a heap of plastic in large quantities. However, it does not dramatically affect the environment as PET is a physically inert substance, meaning it does not chemically react with water or oxygen. PET is non-biodegradable and it will not degrade over time under any circumstances.

The only risk it poses is when mistakenly ingested by animals as the plastic is passed onto the food chain. This is where we come in. We remove the heaps of plastic and turn them into something usable; clearing waste from our landscapes, making our country a cleaner and better place to live in.