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A Leading Foundry & Light Casting Company in Bangladesh

BFL Industry has come up with glorious inception committed to manufacturing and distributing durable hand pumps, tube well and centrifugal pumps recycling from heavy iron and plastic. In addition, BFL is the largest and foremost foundry and light casting industry in Bangladesh. We specialize in providing heavy ironic and plastic products that are able to meet your desired requirements. We are extremely conscious of our product quality and provide high-quality goods at an affordable cost. We own a highly talented and skilled team to finalize the foundry and light casting tasks.

Hand Pumps

Hand Pumps

BFL Industry is highly capable of developing and rendering exclusive hand pumps that enable more water with low force. The fundamental specifications and specialty of our hand pumps are to assist any normal or emergency situation. Our hand pumps have an excellent efficiency to resist rust and corrosion for a lifetime of reliable drinking water.

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Tube Well

Tube Well

BFL Industry engages in formulating and developing premium quality tube well to ensure the smooth water flow. We implement solid material grains and elements in the manufacturing process to enhance the long durability. Our tube well contributes a lot to get pure water and we distribute premium-quality tube well at an affordable price with considerable output.

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Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps

We have manufactured centrifugal pumps ensuring the maximum liquid and energy flow. To formulate centrifugal pumps, we are heuristically researching on it for enhancing its capability and performance regarding water flowing area. It has achieved some specifications including long durability, maximum power, perfectly engineered and quality components.

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Why Should Choose Us

We are entirely incomparable in terms of foundry and light casting industry area recycling reliable iron and plastic. Some of our key reasons, you should pick us that are presenting below.

  • Emphasize on Quality

    We are very much conscious about product quality. To ensure top-quality products, we use all solid materials. In addition, we have a professional engineering team for the intricate production of quality products.

  • Extensive Experience

    BFL Industry has a long-distance of practical working experience on the way of contributing to foundry and light casting. The catalog of our foundry and light casting products are growing fast.

  • Professional & Proficient Team

    BFL Industry has a highly professional and proficient team involved in manufacturing, foundry and installing our ultimate products. They are dedicated to confirming the highest quality.

  • Client-Oriented

    We engage in manufacturing according to our client needs that ensure the highest gratification of our client. Our specialized team designs contemporary products especially tube well, hand pumps and centrifugal pumps as well.

  • Cost Minimization

    BFL provides superior quality at an affordable price. We cordially allow you to have access to top-quality products like hand pumps, tube well and centrifugal pumps for the exchange of cost-effective value.

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