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Hot/Cold Washed Clear PET Flakes in Bangladesh

Here at Bright PET Washing Line Industries, we aspire to make top-grade PET flakes for our clients to meet the requirements on a satisfactory level. Post-consumer PET bottles are crushed, shredded, hot/cold washed and sorted into different colors that are offered for sale to manufacturing companies directly.

PET is used to produce a range of products starting from polyester sheets to turning them back into PET bottles. Our experts supervise the quality control throughout the manufacturing process to avoid contamination and retain the promise of quality we give to our clients.

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Uses of Clear PET Flakes

Washed Clear PET Flakes


Polyester accounts for roughly 60% of the world’s production of PET, more than what is used for making bottles. Polyester fabrics are used in clothes and home furnishing, from shirts to hats, curtains, blankets, etc.


Roughly 30% of the world's production of PET is used to produce bottles. After the bottles are used by consumers, they are collected, cleaned and crushed, then hydrolyzed to be recycled back into bottles.

Polyester Strapping:

This is a very strong material and can take up a lot of tension before elongating. It can be used to produce polyester strapping used in the packaging industry.

Why Choose Our Clear PET Flakes

Top Grade Quality Clear PET Flakes

Our Experience

With the dedication of 15+ years in the industry Bright PET Washing Line Industries’ acquires sophisticated knowledge and machinery that arms our skilled workers with the ability to recycle PET with zero-waste.

Top-grade Quality

Our main aim is to manufacture the highest quality materials at a very reasonable price; we put all our dedication in one place to bring out the best for our clients. We are constantly working on improving our facilities depending on the modern technique and opportunities, to assure we are always ahead of the competition.

* Certified by SGS if desired, but charged to the buyer.

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