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Hot/Cold Washed Brown PET Flakes in Bangladesh

Recreated from post-consumer PET bottles, our PET contains the least amount of contamination. PET is a semi-crystalline plastic featuring high strength and ductility, excellent machining properties, which ensures a wide range of applications.

Brown PET is washed and sorted by our team of experts bringing you only the top quality product. Containing only ~1% moisture, the flakes are used for a variety of purposes including producing polyester used in clothes, PET sheets, and also reshaping it back into bottles. Our products and processes are environment-friendly.

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Uses of Brown PET Flakes

Washed Brown Pet Flakes


Polyester accounts for roughly 60% of the world’s production of PET, more than what is used for making bottles. Polyester fabrics are used in clothes and home furnishing, from shirts to hats, curtains, blankets, etc.


Roughly 30% of the world's production of PET is used to produce bottles. After the bottles are used by consumers, they are collected, cleaned and crushed, then hydrolyzed to be recycled back into bottles.

Polyester Strapping:

This is a very strong material and can take up a lot of tension before elongating. It can be used to produce polyester strapping used in the packaging industry.

Why Choose Our Brown PET Flakes

Promises Quality Brown PET Flakes

Our Experience

With the dedication of 15+ years in the industry Bright PET Washing Line Industries’ acquires sophisticated knowledge and machinery that arms our skilled workers with the ability to recycle PET with zero-waste.

Our Promise of Quality

Our PET Bottle Flakes are well-classified, shredded, hot /cold washed and offered for sale to manufacturing companies directly. The residues of the original content, shredded paper labels, and plastic caps are carefully removed by our trained specialists. This results in Pure PET flakes that are then put up for sale. We are consistently enhancing our quality of work to honor clients with the finest.

* Certified by SGS if desired, but charged to the buyer.

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